Organic Coffee - Medium Roast

$ 22.95
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Grand Marceline Gourmet Coffee is proudly handcrafted with heart and hard work in Walt Disney's hometown - Marceline, MO. Our artisan fire roasted coffee is the perfect match for coffee lovers!

What makes our coffee amazing is our unique roasting process. Our secret blend of coffee is roasted in Victorian Era Fire Roasters, creating a truly magical experience.

You can feel the magic when savoring a cup of our exquisite Specialty Coffee.
Our roasters have perforated drums that allow the flame to gently caress the coffee beans, thus caramelizing them all the while creating a smoky body. The resulting coffee is rich, bold with chocolate undertones and a smooth finish. Reward yourself with a cup of coffee that is roasted to the peak of perfection!

As the fire comes in contact with the beans, it caramelizes the sugars, revealing fruity, earthy, chocolaty undertones, creating something truly MAGICAL. We have found that this process, while tedious and time consuming, consistently produces "The Perfect Coffee Experience", that cannot be duplicated. 

Made with choicest Arabica beans, it is a drink for active people. Our Tested & Certified High Quality Gourmet Coffee increases energy and endurance levels throughout the day with no jittery effects like your average, everyday coffee.

"Grand Marceline coffee is fast-becoming a favorite among American coffee lovers as they roast coffee the old fashioned way to deliver a rich and unique taste which is quite unlike the microwave roasted coffee now that has flooded the market" - NBC News

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